Participant Contact Information

Competition age is based on your age as of July 1, 2021. If age is challenged, please be able to provide proof of age, such as a birth certificate, passport, etc.

Registration Dates

Registration open until April 30, 2021

- Two Events or Less - $75

- Additional Events - $15/each

Late Regular Registration May 1 - May 6 - 

- Two Events or Less - $100

- Additional Events - $20/each

Onsite Registration May 8 - 

- Two Events or Less - $125

- Additional Events - $20/each

Experience Level

I am a senior/master and wish to compete in adult group (16-34 Advanced Kata Divisions). (Check this box ONLY if you wish to compete in this group)

I will compete in the following:

5 - 17 Beginner/ Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced
18-34 Beginner/Novice/ Intermediate
35 & up Beginner/ Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced

3 rounds - Shitei/ Sentei/ Tokui

Tournament Director reserves right to combine divisions at their discretion.

Team Registration

If you would like to register for Team Kata, Team Kobudo or Team Kumite please check box. You are able to register for team events at the door, and there is no late fee for registering the team at the door.


Family Team Events

If you would like to compete in the new Family Team Kata or Family Team Kobudo Division please check box. You are able to register for team events at the door, and there is no late fee for registering the team at the door.

I hereby for myself, my executor(s), my heirs, forever and always agree to save and hold harmless the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and all of its officers, referees, judges, volunteers, workers, members, tournament director, tournament promoter, tournament employees, the facility owners, their respective officers, agents, successors, and anyone else involved in the conduct of this karate tournament for any liability or injury I may sustain by way of traveling to and from, participating in, or other direct or indirect involvement in the AAU/USA Karate Tournament that I have entered. In addition, I hereby for now and forever, accept any and all responsibilities for any actions in conjunction with the AAU/USA Karate Tournament and the traveling to or from or participating in said event. Finally, I agree to allow, without compensation, the use of any photographs, films, or videotape of myself.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present and where you maybe filming your entry video. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, participants with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By participating in this event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to the exposure to COVID-19.

The Pullman Community Center requires all those who enter the venue (competitors, coaches, officials, and spectators) to sign a waiver. Please click on the link and compete waiver for all who will be attending the event.   Pullman Community Center Waiver

Dress Code:

  • The official AAU Karate patch must be worn for  this competition (sewn to gi)
  • Beginner - Must wear White Belt
  • Novice - Must wear Green Belt
  • Intermediate - Must wear Brown Belt
  • Advanced - Must wear Black Belt
  • Traditional White Gi (no piping or stripes)
  • No rolled sleeves or cuffs
  • Pants must be 3/4 length (between ankle and knee)
  • Sleeves must be 3/4 length (between wrist and elbow)
  • Females must wear a plain white t-shirt or white sports bra under gi top 
  • No headbands or jewelry
  • Uniforms may not bear unreasonably sized trademark or name of a product or manufacturer, and may not bear the name of a club/organization/competing league. Only the original manufacturer’s labels may be displayed on the gi and in the normally accepted locations.
  • Only acceptable logo on uniform and/or equipment is an AAU logo unless approved by the AAU Executive Committee

Mandatory Equipment:

  • White Naugahyde/Leather Fist guards (AAU Approved) 
  • White Foam Headgear with face shield (AAU approved) ages 17 and under
  • Groin Cup Protector (Males)
  • Mouth guard

Optional Equipment:

  • Red Naugahyde/Leather Fist Guards (AAU Approved) *
  • White or Red Cloth/Naugahyde Shin pads (AAU Approved) *
  • White or Red Cloth/Naugahyde Boot/Instep Pads (AAU Approved) *
  • White Foam Open Face Headgear (Adult) (AAU Approved)
  • White Breast Shield (Female) 
  • White Chest Protectors 

* When wearing red equipment, you must be Aka. If you are Shiro you cannot wear Red Fist Guards or Red Boots, you can wear Red Shin pads if they are covered by your uniform. 


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Billing Information

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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